I have dreamed of owning great dane since forever. It was my dream. It fulfilled not so long time ago. Almost three years ago we brought home black dane female SOPHIA LOREN. But I actually knew, that it will never stop with one great dane...
       After a short time we brought another female - this time blue, ONLY YOU from Margarejro kennel. She was the beginning of my kennel. Beautiful, wonderful female, winner of almost all shows she has attended so far. As the last one in out home was SCARLETT O'HARA Margarejro, also blue.
      And that's how, in a relatively short time I became owner of three wonderful great dane females.

      Except danes we have also british cats, which also have lots of show successes. They are also breeding cats.
      I hope, that my kennel will start to develop soon, and little puppies and kittens will find excellent, loving homes.

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